Backyard Chicken Coop

Posted on May 24 2018 - 7:10am by Craig

Alecko Wooden Chicken Coop 1
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The taste of a “true” free range chicken egg is much better than what we typically get at the grocery store. The yolk is a darker, deeper yellow and stands up in the pan. Once you have had a good egg it makes it tough to eat the sad, pale, inexpensive eggs that most folks purchase.

Don’t take my word for it, buy four chickens, this chicken coop and let your hens roam the yard and eat feed and bugs. This chicken coop is easy to assemble, has ventilated mesh, and an easy cleanup tray.

If this chicken coop doesn’t suit your style check out some of these other options.

Alecko Wooden Chicken Coop 2 Alecko Wooden Chicken Coop 3 Alecko Wooden Chicken Coop 4

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