BurritoBox Burrito Vending Machine

Posted on Jan 14 2014 - 8:46am by Robby S.

BurritoBox Burrito Vending Machine

The BurritoBox Burrito Vending Machine is exactly what you think it is.  This bright orange box dispenses five different kinds of burritos: roasted potato egg and cheese, chorizo egg and cheese, chicken and rice, shredded beef and cheese, and bacon egg and cheese. 

Unless there is a highly complicated cooking system inside of this beast, my guess is you are getting a microwaved frozen burrito.  Unless the BurritoBox lives in a food (aka Taco Bell and 7-11) free zone I don't think it stands a chance of surviving long term.  Time will tell.  Video of the BurritoBox in action after the break.



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