Bidet Curious? Get The Superior Bidet For Just $25 After Half Off

Posted on Aug 28 2018 - 9:41am by Steve M

Superior Bidet Attachment add on
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For some reason Americans still like to wash their butts with dry toilet paper. I know, we typically don’t talk about this type of thing – which is probably why we are still just using toilet paper. Forget about all of the wasted tree products (which is hard to do). Toilet paper versus a bidet (aka water) and the water always wins. We don’t wash our cars with dry cloths, why do we do it with human waste? Yucky, right?

You know you have always been curious about bidets. Who wouldn’t want their own personal booty carwash? Today is your lucky day, for just $25 you can get a very simple, and well reviewed, add-on bidet for your existing toilet. Go this link and use this coupon code 50OFFKINJA for 50% off.

Our non electric bidets fit most toilets and are a breeze to install. All you need is a screwdriver, a wrench and we give you everything else you need so that you can experience that “shower clean” sensation in less than fifteen minutes.

All Superior Bidet attachments are made from durable ABS plastic frames with high quality ceramic core internal valves that prevent leaks and enable safer operation.

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