NEMO BLU3 – Small And Light Dive System

Posted on Sep 7 2018 - 8:53am by Steve M

Blu3 Nemo Dive System Diving

A Florida-based company, Blu3, has launched a KickStarter for what they claim is the lightest and smallest (and cheapest) personal dive system.The Blu3 NEMO consists of a battery powered surface-supplied air (SSA) system with a 10-foot air hose. Dive time is 60 minutes and divers don’t need to be SCUBA certified.

For about $400 you can get your hands on a NEMO dive system which includes the NEMO, a battery pack + charger, harness, flotation tube, dive flag, and some training. Floating up top with your dive flag, is an air compressor which sends air down the line based on your breathing pressure. This system uses a smart regulator to make sure enough air is sent to the diver with little waste. Video and more pictures after the break.


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