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Posted on Jan 15 2019 - 9:52am by Adam E
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If you have ever needed a soldering iron while out in the field, away from wall power, you typically had to suffer with a subpar iron. For example, I used to carry the Weller P2KC which is a butane powered soldering iron. It is decent and has served me well. But I have found something better.

The UY CHAN TS80 USB C Portable Soldering Iron ($109) is my current favorite portable soldering iron. The TS80 soldering iron can be powered off of a battery bank that can do 9V/2.0A), a LIPO rc battery (with an ISDT BattGo BG-8S), or wall power. I use this thing powered off a USB battery bank even when in the house. It is just easier and I don’t have to grab an extension cord.

The UY CHAN TS-80 is made of anodized aluminum, weighs just 35g, and has a removable tip. Go ahead and buy one, you won’t be disapointed.

– Power: 18W.
– Temperature stability: ±2%.
– Soldering tip resistance to ground: < 2?.
– Temperature range: 100? – 400? (max).
– Max operation ambient temperature: 40°C.
– OLED screen.
– Type C USB port.
– Input: 9V/2.0A
– Fashionable and detachable.
– Open source.
– Efficient to work with.
– Wide compatibility.
– Control part: length: 96mm, diameter: 16.5mm.
– Heating part: length: 72+33mm, diameter: 5.5mm.
– Weight: 200g 
– Compliant with EU certification: CE FCC.

Package Included:
TS80 Soldering Controllor (Black color) ×1
D25 Soldering Tip ×1
9V/2.0A Power Supply Adapter ×1
Type C USB Cable ×1
Earth Clamps ×1
Hex Key ×1
User Manual ×1


TS80 USBC Portable Soldering Iron D25 Tip TS80 USBC Portable Soldering Iron 2 TS80 USBC Portable Soldering Iron 1


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