Mini Cooper JCW Buggy

Posted on Apr 22 2019 - 8:32am by Robby S.

Mini Cooper X-Raid JCW Buggy

I am not a fan of the “new” Mini Cooper’s. My experience is that Mini Coopers are happiest when they are at the mechanic getting repaired. However, I do like the rally version that was built by X-raid and JCW (John Cooper Works). This mashup has been in the works for quite some but major changes have occured recently, like switching from 4×4 to rear-wheel drive and engine updates.

Today’s MINI JCW Buggy retains the BMW Group supplied six-cylinder diesel engine used for the 2018 Dakar, but the turbocharger system is all-new. The previous MINI JCW Buggy ran with the TwinPower Turbo (two turbochargers), but the 2019 Dakar version has the latest specification BMW diesel turbo system, which consists of a single turbocharger with variable blade technology.

Mini Cooper JCW Buggy

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