Stator Electric Scooter

Posted on Jan 6 2020 - 8:49am by Russ


Looks like the Stator Fat Wheel Electric Scooter (Launch Edition) is finally available for pre-order. Let’s get the obvious good bits out of the way – this scooter looks amazing, it has a range of up to 80 miles, a top speed of 30 mph, disc brakes, fat tires, a slick handlebar display, and LED lighting. Looks great.

Let’s hope this thing performs as good as it looks because the marketing material smells a bit fishy. Here are some of my cringe-worthy favorites.

  • Engineering is an art and we’re perfecting it
  • …world’s most powerful…
  • Bladed wheels allow for functional air intake unlike any other wheel ever created
  • … innovation in human travel that is so technically advanced and so perfectly designed…
  • The Stator is an entirely new concept in micromobility…
  • Advanced, automotive OEM-grade instruments
  • Award-worthy bladed wheels…
  • Best-in-class visibility and lighting
  • … military grade tire compounds and tread patterns…

You get the point. Someone has had a little bit too much of the Stator kool-aid. If the scooter didn’t cost ($3,995.00) as much as a used Toyota Corolla I would probably even put a deposit down. Because of the over-the-top marketing fluff and price tag, I think I will watch this one from the sidelines.

Stator Scooter display-view Stator Scooter fan-tire Stator front-headlight-wheel Stator Scooter front-view Stator nantmobility-motor Stator Scooter platform-2 Stator Scooter rear-right-view Stator scooter right-side-tilt-view

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