LED Light Show For Your Vehicles Roof

Posted on Jan 24 2020 - 9:14am by Ty G

Volwco LED Vehicle LIght Projector 3
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This product caught my eye because of the neat/silliness of it all and the amazingly bad English. Whether you drive for Uber/Lyft or just want to pimp the interior of your car this one is worth a look. You simply plug in this LED car projector, place it somewhere near the center of your car (they recommend the armrest), and let the party begin. Now on to the best part… the English marketing copy. Here are a few of my favorites;

  • gorgeous lights make the car more romantic atmosphere, increase the fun of driving
  • Single Optical Alternating Transform
  • USB Vocal Cord Rotation
  • On/Off Button – Opening key
  • Using wireless remote control without peer-to-peer
  • Easy installation without breaking wires
  • Fix the main engine in the armchair position and adjust the irradiation direction up and down
  • Suitable for Children, Lovers, Family and Friend
  • With this light, the child will not feel bored on the road, they will sing or dance with music. The light make the journey as a party, never be boring
  • The light is a Romantic Creator, very suitable for lovers who like camping, or just stay in the car
  • Atmosphere light projector is suitable for the party in the wild, make the wild become a ballroom

You get the idea. This gadget will improve your quality of life in a big way. Get your very own Volwco gadget for $33 here.

Volwco LED Vehicle LIght Projector 1 Volwco LED Vehicle LIght Projector 2  Volwco LED Vehicle LIght Projector 4 Volwco LED Vehicle LIght Projector 5 Volwco LED Vehicle LIght Projector 6 Volwco LED Vehicle LIght Projector 7

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