Polish EV Heading To The US

Posted on Sep 6 2016 - 10:15am by Russ

SAM Electric Vehicle Front 3

First off, this strange looking electric vehicle (EV) is real and has been driving around Poland since 2009. It is all electric and is known as SAM.  To me, it reminds of a kids crayon drawing. The front of the car looks like a cartoon monster or bug.

After exporting the cars successfully to Germany, the UK, and Austria they are ready to start exporting SAMs to the US. The SAM has a steel chassis and a recyclable polyethylene body. Production has been quite low and only 300 of these SAM two-seaters have been manufactured as of today.

The Polish SAM uses lithium-polymer batteries and can charge off of a standard outlet in five hours. Range is inline with the Nissan Leaf at 62 miles with a max speed of 56mph. I think the top speed is going to be a deal killer in most of the US despite the low price ($12,000 to 15,000). Good for local driving however.

Black SAM Electric Vehicle SAM Electric Vehicle Front 1 SAM Electric Vehicle Front 2  SAM Electric Vehicle Interior SAM Electric Vehicle Open Door SAM Electric Vehicle Seats SAM Electric Vehicle Side

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