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Apparently repairing a broken zipper is pretty easy. The ADSRO 6pc Zipper Repair/Replacement ($5) makes fixing a zipper a quick and painless event. It works on most zipper failures including split zipper tracks, broken sliders, and even missing teeth. You simply cut off the old zipper slide and clip on the new ADSRO zipper slide. Perfect...

Posted on Feb 20 2017 - 8:00am by Steve M

I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. Plus, it’s Monday and it made me laugh. First off – there is no argument that a tightly tucked-in shirt looks better than a loosely tucked/blousy fitting mens shirt. It is tough to keep shirts tucked properly when moving around (squatting down, stretching, etc…).  There, I got the practical bits out of the way. Now imagine that your perfectly tucked-in shirt attracts a mate and you are about to disrobe. Get ready...

Finding a good purpose driven watch can be tough. Watches for pilots, surgeons, golfers, etc… For example, the military and law enforcement types, typically, don’t want a dainty shiny silver watch or one that plays loud musical tunes randomly. You get the idea. They have a job to do, one that often requires sneaking up on people and the like. Enter the First Tactical Canyon Digital Compass Watch ($139).  The colors hint at the fact...

Posted on Dec 23 2016 - 2:41pm by Steve M

Whether you are heading to the slopes for some snowboarding or you live in one of the colder parts of the country you need to keep you noggin warm. Sure you could pop on a standard beanie but that is boring. This Octopus Hat ($13) lets you show off your cephalopod game while staying cozy. It is made of quality woolen yarn and the...

Posted on Dec 8 2016 - 10:29am by Lisa C.

I don’t know what is scarier, the fact that this product really exists at Nordstrom or the fact that it has sold out a few times already. The description is a hoot as well with lines like “smooth Los Angeles-area stone”, “sure to draw attention wherever it rests”, and “a work of art”. Really? Still not swayed that this is ridiculous and you want your own


The lowly ironing board has been pretty much unchanged for about ummm 100 years. Looks like the  Flippr is reinventing this old classic. The Flippr Ironing Board ($99) is a successfully funded KickStarter. What makes the Flippr ironing board so special?


  • The ironing board is double sided and flips over 360 degrees for a quick iron of the front and back of garmets.
  • There is a detachable detail board for ironing the sleeves and collars.
  • There is a clamp for holding items like pants.
  • Eight levels of height adjustment. Good for sitting or standing.
  • Aluminum frame is both strong and light weight.
  • There is a heat proof iron holder that flips away when not in use.
  • The entire ironing board cover is removable for easy washing.
  • There are wheels on the bottom for lugging around the house.


360-degree cameras continue to improve while shrinking in size and price. So, no surprise the technology is finding its way to different devices, in this case sunglasses. The Orbi Prime is a stylish set of sunglasses loaded up with four HD cameras that can capture 90 minutes of 360-degree video. The action junkies out there can now keep their hands free while bombing the mountain on a snowboard of flying in their wing suits. The best part is that this 360-degree sunglass video is stabilized...

Posted on Nov 9 2016 - 8:04am by L.

If you are a Marvel fan or a cosplay nerd the Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet ($79.99) might be up your alley. The helmet is designed to look just like the one from the movie at a 1:1 scale. It has glowing LED eyes, a magnetized faceplate, and three sound effects just like the original Iron Man Helmet. Video after the break.

You have your new iPhone 7 and want to put a case on it. Good idea. You don’t want a case that looks like everyone else’s, but you want it to look good. Take a peak at the BASEUS Stylish Grain Design iPhone 7 Case ($12.99). Not only does it provide good protection, it also looks good while being stylish and unique. This iPhone 7 case is a mix of dirt-resistant cotton cloth and protective plastic....

If you live in a city and take runs, walks, or rides at night you know how dangerous it can is. Cars are driving fast and drivers are more distracted than ever. Anything you can do to draw attention to yourself in the form of reflectors or LED lights is always a good call. The Rumble...