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I tell yah, Amazon really does sell just about everything. They even sell a wooden casket that you assemble yourself, and this one actually makes sense to me. Personally, I don’t want a bunch of money spent on a box for my remains. Not to mention, most of the caskets out there today are made with treated woods and toxic adhesives. Not this Biodegradable Pine Casket ($400).

This DIY  pine casket comes with everything you need to assemble a non-toxic, biodegradable, glue-less, casket. All you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes. It even comes with functional rope handles. Just don’t plan on burying anyone over 6′ as the dimensions are 6′ 0″ x 22″ x 12″.


Medieval Skull With Horns Mug 1

If you need to make a statement at work, or your next party, this is the mug that says IDGAF. Remember the Office Space movie where the fed up dude cleans a fish at his desk? Well this mug isn’t that gangsta but it certainly sends a message.  Here is the fish cleaning scene for reference.

This Medieval Mug is 5.11 inches tall and 7.48 inches wide and can hold 450 Ml (15 Oz). It is made of food grade stainless steel and resin. It doesn’t matter if you are drinking coffee or beer out if this bad boy, it certainly will trump (ouch, no pun intended) the other mugs in the room. Yours for just $23 here. (more…)

Let me just get this part out of the way, I am currently a fan of Google’s Nest line of cameras. They are proven, have fair priced recording options, and work outdoors (the outdoor version of course). That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more competitors. While good, the Nest cameras have plenty of places they can improve. Enough on that for now. Amazon is having their 2018 prime day sale and have cut the cost of their Amazon Cloud Cam by 50%, just $59.99 for now. Hurry up though as I think it goes back to $119 after...

Doona Car Seat Stroller

Here I am writing about an infant car seat that transforms to become a stroller when needed. I don’t even have kids! The Doona Car Seat ($499) is that cool. In fact, it is the only car seat in the world with integrated wheels. It transforms from a car seat to a fully capable stroller in just a few seconds. Awesome.

Trying to hang multiple framed pictures together on a wall sucks. Trying to line them up perfectly is a bit maddening. I tend to prefer eyeballing them instead of measuring. With that said, trying to line up a new nail with the frame hanger is tougher than you would think. Enter this easy hanger gadget. This simple, and inexpensive ($8), gadget makes placing the hole in the right place every time. You simply  use the hook on the back of the gadget, position the picture on the wall where you want it, remove the picture and press the...

Think of it as a new style of microwave, that doesn’t use microwaves at all. The Panasonic NG-G110P Flash Express Toaster Oven ($107) uses two infrared cooking lights. The main difference between traditional mini-ovens is that hit sone is up to 40% faster. At first glance it looks like a piece of lab equipment or an oscilloscope. Temperature settings from 250F-500F with a digital timer for up to 25 minutes. Interior dimensions will fit a 9-inch diameter pizza or four slices of bread. Toast, bake, brown and reheat up to 40% faster...

From the makers of the original arcade basketball shooting game comes the home version. The Pop-A-Shot allows head-to-head shooting competition. There are 10 different games and 6 audio options. The Home Dual Shot arcade basketball game features more games to choose from—a total of 10, from the classic 1-on-1 :30 game to longer direct competitions and individual skill challenges (skeet shooting and beat the clock). There are also 6 different audio options, including an announcer who calls the game (“That’s a 3!”; “En fuego!”),...

Posted on May 30 2018 - 11:20am by gchoe

Kirkland Signature Triple Blade Razor

If you are a user of the Gillette Mach3 Razor Blades ($25 for 15 blades) you might want to check out Costco’s private branded Kirkland 3-blade razors ($20 for 14 blades and a handle).

Worth a shot anyways. The Kirkland Signature Triple Blade Razors come with a lubricating strip, 3 precision German blades, a flexible swivel head, and a chrome polished handle with non-slip grip.

Posted on May 24 2018 - 7:10am by Craig

The taste of a “true” free range chicken egg is much better than what we typically get at the grocery store. The yolk is a darker, deeper yellow and stands up in the pan. Once you have had a good egg it makes it tough to eat the sad, pale, inexpensive eggs that most folks purchase. Don’t take my word for it, buy four chickens, this chicken coop and let your hens roam the yard and eat feed and bugs. This chicken coop is easy to assemble, has ventilated mesh, and an easy cleanup tray. If this chicken coop doesn’t...

The SodaStream has dominated the DIY water carbonation market. They work pretty good, are priced fairly, and make loud embarrassing noises when in use. The perfect addition to any party I suppose. All fine and dandy for the masses, but what if you want something a bit fancier. A bit quieter. Check out the AARKE Premium Carbonator ($169). It is shiny stainless steel (or matte black), has 3 independent safety valves, and includes a nontoxic PET bottle. If nothing else, it looks cool and it is considerably quieter than the SodaStream.   ...