Retro Looking Digital Camera

Posted on Jun 26 2008 - 9:27am by Russ

Rolleiflex miniDigi AF 5.0

Finally, a cool digital camera with a neat retro look, the Rollei Rolleiflex miniDigi AF 5.0. The Rolleiflex is available in RED or BLACK for $329 (and would make a great gift for anyone shopping for Russ!) at Amazon.

Technical Details

  • Waist level shooting to prevent ‘Camera Fright’: The camera, held at waist level, never ‘stares the model in the eye’. People go on looking and acting naturally instead of posing for the camera. This is true for grown-ups but also goes for small children and even animals
  • Shooting from very low angle without lying: With this type of viewfinder, you can also hold the camera very low or even place it on the floor or the ground when the shot requires that. And you do not have to lie flat on your belly yourself
  • Crank Action for the next shot: Just like the original Rolleiflex, the MiniDigi has a ‘film advance’ crank lever on its side. Although it uses no film, a turn of this crank readies the camera for the next shot. Another details reminiscent the famous original Rolleiflex
  • Square 1.1″ TFT LCD Color Screen: A major attraction of the original Rolleiflex 6x6cm has always been its square frame format. No shutter opportunity, no valuable seconds are lost by having to choose between horizontal or vertical position. Just aim, then shoot from the waist
  • Selective Image File Sizes: The images can be stored into either one of the following file sizes. For high resolution : 2304 x 2304 pixel, for standard resolution : 1536 x 1536 pixel, for low resolution : 768 x 768 pixel

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