Naughty Pasta For Him And For Her

Posted on Jan 23 2009 - 11:31am by L.

Boob Pasta

Here at we like to cover “exotic” foods like Gummi Lighthouses.  In continuation with that fine tradition, we have two new pasta entrees for people who like to play with their food. First, the Pasta Boobs from Spencer and Fleetwood, with the following instructions – IF YOU LIKE FIRM BREASTS, LIGHT COOKING IS BEST! I shit you not, that’s right on the box. Next, something for the ladies (or the lads in the City) – a pasta by Marabotto called Souvenir D’Italie.  Check that after the break.

You can serve these individually to people of appropriate gender and preference, or mix them together so your plate looks like a Roman orgy (don’t forget to add a little virgin olive oil for lubrication). Next time your extended family is over for dinner, “bust” out these immortal classics and see if anyone notices. Buon Appetito…

Penis Pasta

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