Bacon Flavored Bubbles? Life Is Good!

Posted on Mar 6 2009 - 9:53am by Russ

Bacon Bubbles Bubble Buddy

Typically bubbles taste nasty… kinda like eating dish soap.  How do I know this?  Not long ago, I was at a house warming party and a friend brought his daughter.  His daughter was very shy… and was making bubbles with a bubble wand in the backyard.  In an effort to lighten the mood… I began catching the bubbles in my mouth.  Long story short, my nickname with that group of friends is now “bubble eater”… not cool.

I just discovered that there are bubbles which are bacon flavored, and are actually designed to be eaten.  The Bubble Buddy system makes bubbles in bacon flavor, chicken flavor, and peanut butter flavor.  Guess what “shy girl” is getting for her next birthday.

$14.95 for a better bubble gun.

$4.29 for assorted bubble flavors.

$9.99 for bubble gun with catnip scented bubbles.

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