Mandometer – Acts Like Your Mom, Tells You To Eat Your Food Slower

Posted on Jan 21 2010 - 11:01am by Russ

Mandometer Food Eating Meter

I grew up in a military family and was always amazed at how fast my Dad could eat his food.  I always attributed this to his boot camp days when he had to eat his meals in a short period of time or risk not eating at all.  As a kid, I secretly would try and compete with my Dad when eating at the same table.  I remember trying to keep up with him on hamburgers and would only be about 3 bites in to the burger and he would be finishing.  Very disappointing  and a bit unfair, my mouth was smaller than his.  Now that I am full grown, I am a pro speed-eater and I am constantly told by friends that I eat too fast and how bad it is for me, just like Mom used to say.

Well now there is a Mandometer gadget that will help you eat at a reasonable pace.  Read on for details.

The Mandometer is basically a scale that weighs the food on your plate as you eat, and verbally tells you if you are eating too fast.  The eating too fast thing is actually pretty bad for you and the Mandometer claims it can lower your BMI by 2% over 18 months.  That is huge.

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