Martin Jetpack Available For Sale This Year

Posted on May 8 2009 - 8:42am by Russ

The engineers at Martin Jetpack are getting closer to a viable (= not so scary) product which should be for sale later this year for about $100,000.  The video shows their chief design engineer hovering around in a warehouse. (Quit pussy footing around and take this thing outside)

  See more specifications and pictures after the break.

Martin Jetpack Martin Jetpack Martin Jetpack


5 ft

5.5 ft

5 ft

Carbon fibre composite

Empty weight
250 lbs (excluding safety equipment)

Gross weight
535 lbs

Useful (Pilot) Load
280 lbs+

Maximum thrust
600 lbs+

Fuel Capacity
5 US gallons (as required by FAA Part 103,Ultralight Regulations)

Fuel burn
10.0 gph

Martin Aircraft 2.0 L V4 2 stroke, rated at 200 hp (150 kw). Max 6000 rpm.

Electrical system
12 V DC Battery, starter, 360 w alternator.

Carbon / Kevlar composite diameter 1.7 ft

7058 rpm

31.5 miles (at max speed of 63 mph as required by FAA part 103).

Hover in ground effect
8000 ft (estimated)

Hover above ground effect
8000 ft (estimated)

Standard Equipment
Flight and Engine displays
Ballistic Parachute
Retractable undercarriage
Energy absorbing undercarriage.

Meets the requirements of the FAA Part 103, Ultralight Regulations

Pilot License
The Ultralight class does not require an FAA recognised pilots license.

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