Surprise Mugs… For The Mug Thief In Your Office

Posted on Oct 9 2009 - 8:33am by Russ

Surprise Mug

Whether we like it or not… every office has a mug thief.  I haven’t figured out why my mug always ends up on someone else’s desk.  Do they not have a coffee mug?  Or, do they just like mine better?  Either way it annoys me quite a bit… because then I have to steal someone else’s mug… and on down the line it goes. 

After finding this jewel, the Surprise Mug, I think I might just inject a few of these into the mix and see what happens.  The Surprise Mug is a normal looking white mug that has a special message on the bottom that says “I’m a twat” or “office bitch”.  Yours for about $8 when they come off of back order here.

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