Monkey Light M210 10 LED Wheel Light

Posted on Nov 12 2012 - 10:01am by Craig

If you have ridden your bike in urban areas, especially at night, you know hard it is for cars to see you.  It seems, at times, that they are looking right at you, then turn right into your lane.  Long story short, it is hard to see bicycles, our eyes are trained to look for cars I guess.

Time to make your self seen with the Monkey Light M210 10 LED Wheel Light.  The M210 is a rugged and waterproof LED lighting system for your bike wheels.  The Monkey Light M210 mounts to the spokes, runs for 40-hours on 3 AA batteries, and mounts the batteries on the hub so the wheel stays balanced.

You get 19 themes and 16 colors with hundreds of combinations, yours for $49.99 here.

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