Personal Desktop Hydrogen Station By Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Posted on Jan 4 2010 - 8:19am by V Ramos

Horizon Hydrogen Station

Look for this amazing product at CES in Las Vegas in the next few days.  The Horizon HYDROFILL is basically a desktop hydrogen fueling station which will extract hydrogen from its water tank, and fill up small cartridges (basically mini hydrogen fuel cells).

This product is a bit of a big deal, this could mean the first real technology allowing a hydrogen fueling station in every home.  Free power folks!  Read on for more details and pictures after the break.

"We no longer need to rely on nationwide networks of hydrogen fueling stations to enable large-scale fuel cell commercialization," said Horizon co-founder Taras Wankewycz. "Horizon is initiating a transition that places consumers in the driving seat. Thanks to our innovation each household can gradually become a major part of tomorrow's hydrogen fuel supply infrastructure."

The HYDROFILL can run off of a solar panel or a small wind turbine to automatically extract the hydrogen from it's water tank. The power is then stored in cartridges which contain metallic alloys that absorb hydrogen using a crystalline structure.

HYDROFILL Hydrogen Hydrofill desktop hydrogetn station

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