Skip The Private Yacht… Get A Private Submarine

Posted on Apr 14 2010 - 8:28am by Russ

Private Submarine Nautilus VAS

Everyone seems to have a private yacht and helicopter these days except for me.  Time to step up your game rich folks, get a Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible.  The private submarine is made to launch off the back of your yacht.

The Nautilus VAS Sub is perfect for exploring and is a great escape if pirates are after you.  The best part is the minibar and stereo.  Yours for around $2.7 million.  More details after the break.


Nautilus VAS sub

"The VAS can be launched from directly beneath any vessel for a discrete and silent departure and return. The subs can accommodate up to 12 passengers and the Mk III version featured above carries five passengers and can do up to 10 miles or 6 knots, which allows for an 8-hour mission time in addition to a 96-hour backup, providing over four days of underwater protection. The thrill will set you back approx. $2.7 million and one is currently up for sale on Jameslist."


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