Reusable EcoCan

Posted on Mar 4 2011 - 9:02am by V Ramos


In my opinion, the best water bottle is a stainless steel one that you use over-and-over.  Another cool option is the 100 percent biodegradable Ecocan which is made from a corn starch type material called PLA.  The Ecocans are made to look like soda cans but the top portion of the Ecocan screws off (the pop top is actually a drinking hole).  While the cans are made to be reused, when thrown away they are biodegradable so no hard feelings.  The Ecocans are double wall insulated, can be microwaved, and are dishwasher friendly.  Be the first on the block to have one of these eco-friendly water bottle, err cans, $21 here.

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