Bicycle Inner Tube Pumps And Maintains Tire Pressure As You Ride

Posted on Dec 15 2015 - 10:04am by Ty G


Inventor Benjamin Krempel is about to drop his latest gadget, the PumpTube, on Kickstarter next year. The idea behind PumpTube is that bicycle riders will no longer need to pump up their tires compensating for air seepage. The PumpTube works by drawing air in through a one-way valve on the valve stem. This air goes into an outer layer of the tube which is compressed as the tire turns. This air is then pushed into the main inner tube. Once the set pressure is achieved no more air will be pulled in through the valve.


The first batch of PumpTubes will be compatible with 700c and 26-inch tires for about $30-$55 per unit.

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