Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook Headed To Russia

Posted on Jun 20 2011 - 8:13am by Robby S.

Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook

No matter how much battery life your laptop has, it is never enough.  And finding a place to charge it is often tougher than it should be.  So why don't all laptops have solar panels on that huge wasted area on the back of the display?  I suspect they will all have solar panels in the future, but for now you have to travel to Russia to get the Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook. 

The Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook will be hitting Russia in early August for 13,999 rubles ($479).  Expect a battery life of around 14.5 hours, a 1.6GHz N570 Intel Atom dual-core processor, 250GB of storage, and 1GB of RAM.

Samsung, bring this to the US, I want one. 

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