Electree Charges Your Gadgets With Style And Solar Power

Posted on Sep 19 2011 - 8:30am by Russ


We have seen plenty of cool solar gadgets, but none quite as stylish as the Electree, designed by French designer Vivian Muller.  The tree is made to look like a bonsai tree with 27 solar powered leaves.  The panels charge a 13,500mAh battery which in turn can charge your gadgets via a USB connector.  There is also a wall A/C outlet as well assuming you aren't getting enough solar power.  No mention if the Electree will charge in ambient room light or if it needs direct sun. 

You can get your hands on an Electree for about $370 by pre-ordering here.  Once Muller has 400 presales the factory will start making these little solar bonsai trees.

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