Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Turns Your Smartphone Into A Remote

Posted on Sep 29 2011 - 9:26am by gchoe

Craftsman AssureLilnk Garage Door

Anyone remember the days when garage doors required you to get out of the car and open them by hand?  None of the fancy electric garage door opener gadgets.  Yep, those times sucked a bit more.

Since the electric garage door opener, with remote control, has become the norm, not much has changed with the technology.  You push a button, the garage door opens.  For that matter most of the garage door remote controls look pretty outdated. 

Craftsman aims to change that by allowing you to open your garage from your smartphone.  The Craftsman AssureLlink opener connects to your home network allowing you to open/close your garage door from just about anywhere.  You can also check in to see if your garage door is open or closed, no more wondering if you left the garage open.  The Craftsman Garage Door App is free and the AssureLink Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is about $276.

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