Open Your Garage Or Gate With Your Smartphone

Posted on Mar 23 2012 - 6:31am by Gadget King

Last September we wrote about the Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener that was smartphone enabled.  While we love the product… we understand people not wanting to upgrade their entire garage door opener to make it smartphone ready.

This product, the SecuRemote was engineered to allow people to operate all their home entry doors, garage doors and electronic gates from their smartphones.   Never be locked out of your house again.  “There are two modes of operation, local mode and online mode. Local mode provides direct access functionality for up to 5 users and unlimited devices directly from the administrator’s smartphone. Users can have unlimited access or temporary access.  Local mode does not require a subscription fee.  Online Mode provides a scheduling engine that allows the administrator to associate multiple schedules to multiple users and/or devices.  No limit to the number of users or devices.  Annual subscription fee is required for more than 10 users or for using the scheduling engine.  SecuRemote will compliment an existing overhead garage opener or electric gate by providing additional functionality and control. SecuRemote does not change the function of an overhead garage opener, it only actuates it as if you were to push the wall switch.  Therefore, it can work alongside with a conventional garage door opener remote or keypad.”

  • Administrators can add any number of authorized users to their online account and can assign schedule-driven authorization rules for each user
  • Configurable notification capabilities to alert a select list of individuals via email whenever a device is operated
  • The digital key is a proprietary, time-sensitive, 128-encrypted message sent from the smartphone to the SecuRemote device via a Bluetooth signal
  • SecuRemote devices and locks do not require integration with home network systems


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