OCZ Octane – 1TB Of SSD Goodness

Posted on Oct 20 2011 - 9:46am by gchoe

OCZ Octane 1TB SSD

The OCZ Octane series is the first SSD (Solid State Drive) to jam 1TB of storage into a 2.5 form factor.  As if that wasn't enough it is also much faster than competitor drives at 560MB/s read and 400MB/s write speeds.

"The Octane series has a new controller called Everest (made by Indilinx, which OCZ recently acquired). They have built a bunch of new proprietary algorithms into it and they make a lot of bold claims, including nearly doubling NAND life, which should give it a whopping ten-year lifespan under average use (which they said was pretty vigorous). It’s supposed to retain most of that out-of-the-box speed even after it’s mostly full and has been though many write/erase cycles, which has been a major sticking point for SSDs in the past. There are no compression, file-type, or file-size limitations, which means you should get the same speed no matter what you’re working with."

The OCZ Octane drives are available in sizes from 120GB to 1TB. In the 3.0 line a 120GB will run you about $156, 240GB for $288, 480GB for $528, and 1TB for $1,100. Expect to see these bad boys in about a week.


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