Tesla Model X

Posted on Feb 10 2012 - 9:24am by gchoe

Tesla Model X 

Tesla finally pulled the wraps off of the all electric Model X.  At first glance it looks a bit small, but it isn't.  The Model X can hold 7 passengers without giving up on luggage space.  In fact, not only is there luggage space in the rear of the car, there is also a bunch of storage up front where a traditional motor would normally be.  More details and pictures after the break.

Some cool features include the rear "falcon wing doors" which are hinged on the top of the vehicle, what appears to be cameras instead of side mirrors, a sub 5-second 0 to 60 time, and a huge LCD in the center of the dash.

Tesla Model X gulwing doors

The Tesla Model X is available for reservations but will not begin production until late 2013.  You have the option of a two wheel drive version and a four wheel drive option.  The four wheel drive option also comes in a performance version.  Your choice of a 60kWh or 85 kWh battery.

Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors Tesla Model X Dash

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