NetZero Prepaid 4G Mobile Broadband

Posted on Mar 19 2012 - 9:59am by Robby S.

NetZero Prepaid 4G

NetZero is still around, and they now have 4G Mobile Broadband Wireless service in over 80 US cities.  The best part of the NetZero 4G Broadband is the lack of activation fees, overage charges, and any contracts or commitments.  There are two levels of service "“ Lightspeed (up to 1Mbp down and 384Kbp up) or Warpspeed (up to 10Mbp down and 1.5Mbp up).  Can't decide which level of service you need?  Not a problem, NetZero lets you login and change your service at any time.  In addition there are five monthly plans to chose from:

  • Free, $0, 200MB (limited to Lightspeed and limited to one year)
  • Basic, $9.95, 500MB (limited to Lightspeed)
  • Plus, $19.95, 1GB
  • Pro, $34.95, 2GB
  • Platinum, $49.95, 4GB

Lastly you have to choose either a USB version or Wi-Fi hotspot version with an LCD and 2,200mAh battery.

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