Blue Desert SmarTube Hydration System

Posted on Jul 20 2012 - 9:18am by Robby S.

BlueDesert SmarTubeSmarTube Hydration System

Don't get me wrong, the Camelbak system is great and is almost irreplaceable for certain treks.  With that said, sometimes you just want a water bottle, of your choice, with a really long straw.  Enter the Blue Desert SmarTube Hydration System, it is more advanced than a long straw but you get the idea.  The SmarTube fits any standard water bottle and allows for hands free drinking.  The SmarTube Hydration System comes with a 40-inch hose, a 63-mm mouth adapter, and a batch of special caps.  If nothing else, it is easier to clean than my Camelbak, and cheaper at just $12.

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