World’s Lightest Electric Vehicle? Boosted Skateboards

Posted on Sep 13 2012 - 8:56am by Russ

Boosted Boards Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are nothing new, but the Boosted Boards Electric Skateboard is way ahead of the pack.  I have an e-glide GI Powerboard which I really don't enjoy riding.  Forget about the fact that my GI Powerboard weighs 57lbs, keeps breaking down, and has a corded remote control.  I was going to do a full review on the GI Powerboard but didn't have much nice to say about it,

Enough about the old clunky tech and on to the new Boosted Boards Skateboard which weighs just 12lbs, has 2.6 horsepower (2000 watts), a limited top speed of 20mph, regenerative breaking, and a range of up to 6 miles.  More details after the break.

Boosted Electric Skateboard

Imagine 2000 watts (2.6 horsepower) on a 12 lb. longboard. You can do your favorite downhill tricks, going uphill. Or carve and carve, without ever pushing. More time riding and practicing, less time pushing and walking.

We started with our favorite longboard components, like a Loaded Vanguard, Bear Grizzly 852s, Otang 80A In Heats, and Jehu bearings. While the final product’s trucks may change, the rest of those components will be there. We don’t believe that adding a motor means compromising your setup.



  • Motor power – 2000W
  • Top speed – around 20mph
  • Range – 6 miles
  • Maximum grade – 15%
  • Charge time – 2 hours
  • Battery – Lithium ion
  • Weight – between 12 and 15 pounds

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  1. Danny September 15, 2012 at 11:23 am -

    Don’t get me started on the GI Powerboard. It sucks big time. Who uses a corded remote? I have broken my corded remote at least 4 times.

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