Fitbit Zip And Fitbit One

Posted on Sep 19 2012 - 9:36am by Gadget King

Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One

The fit people at Fitbit want you to get in shape by using their Zip or/and One products.  The Fitbit Zip ($59.95) is the cheaper of the two gadgets and tracks steps, distance, and calories burned.  You click on the screen to get your stats, basically a cool pedometer with some extra features.

The Fitbit One ($99.95) does a bit more than its little brother "“ it can also track how many stairs you climbed, has a vibrating wake-up alarm, and can monitor how long and well you sleep.  Both gadgets can sync to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

Video of the Fitbit gadgets in action after the break.

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