FLOTE Orbit Tablet Stand Review

Posted on Nov 17 2014 - 3:31pm by Russ
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Flote Orbit Tablet Stand Vertical

A tablet stand? I know… I know… many people think that a Tablet stand is quite unnecessary. And they are right. Just like we don’t need smartphones, electric car windows, flatscreen TV’s, etc… But once you have used one of these gadgets, good luck living without them. The same goes for this high quality tablet stand, it makes using my tablet (in this case an iPad) much more enjoyable.

Remember the FLOTE m2 Floor/Bed Stand? Well it still happens to be my go-to bedside stand for reading books on my tablet. It is built like a tank and never fails to do its job. Well, now there are two additional sized FLOTE tablet stands, the FLOTE Orbit and the FLOTE Desktop. The Desktop version is quite similar to the m2 in that it has two pivot pivot points. The Oribt Stand has a single pivot point in the form of the magnetic ball joint. Very clean and elegant.  Read on for my full FLOTE Orbit Stand review.

The FLOTE Orbit ($129) has the same well engineered guts as the two larger version stands. Built of sturdy steel and aluminum, it is clearly built to last. The base of the Orbit stand is quite heavy and does a great job at keeping just about any tablet from wobbling or falling down. The base also has thick slick plastic feet that protect table or countertop surfaces. The vertical pole smoothly rotates 360-degrees.

My favorite bits are the magnetic ball joint which moves fluidly and the universal and easy to operate tablet clamp. Do be careful when connecting the magnetic ball joint for the first time as it is quite strong. The tablet clamp has rubberized tips to keep from scratching your precious tablet.

FLOTE ORBIT ipad tablet kitchen and desk stand

After unboxing the FLOTE Orbit, I was in search of a place for it to call home. It ended up landing in the kitchen on the long bar-top that splits it from the rest of the house. Turns out the biggest skeptic, my wife, is now the biggest fan of this tablet stand. She uses it to display recipes  or shows when cooking. Her tablet  practically lives in the Oribt stand.

Flote Orbit Tablet Stand Kitchen Horizontal

The short story is this… there isn’t a better tablet stand on the market today. The FLOTE tablet stands are over engineered to say the least.

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