Monkey Light Pro Turns Your Bicycle Wheels Into An Animated Light Show

Posted on May 28 2013 - 11:01am by Craig

Monkey Light Pro

Another one of those things I don't need but really want to have.  The MonkeyLectric Monkey Light Pro is a bicycle wheel display system.  This LED lighting system can create persistent or animated images on your bike's wheels as you ride around.  You also get a bit of software which lets you design custom images.  Not the design type?  Not a problem they also preload some pretty cool art for you to choose from.

The Monkey Light Pro is made up of four LED wands (256 LED's in total) that attach to a central hub.  The system is sturdy and waterproof.  It works by using a 2-axis accelerometer and four magnetic sensors.  The sensors gauge your speed, rotation, and position and will work at speeds of up to 40-mph.  More details and video of the Monkey Light Pro in action after the break.

Yours for $695 for one wheel, $1,390 for two.  This is a kickstarter type of thing so be prepared to wait.

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