TrackingPoint Intelligent Scope Makes Your Rifles Bullet Precision Guided

Posted on Dec 5 2012 - 11:22am by V Ramos

TrackingPoint Rifle

We have all seen the videos of jet fighters targeting and dropping (lock and launch) precision guided bombs on targets.  Amazing stuff.  Now a company out of Austin, Texas, TrackingPoint, Inc., has come out with similar technology for your rifle.  The TrackingPoint Scope uses patent pending Intelligent Digital Tracking Technology which will allow an unskilled shooter to hit long range targets with their first shot. 

Read on for details and video of the TrackingPoint Intelligent Scope after the break.

When looking through the TrackingPoint scope, the shooter first "tags" the target which causes that target to be painted by a red dot.  Then the scope does a calculation based on factors like gravity, atmospheric drag, parallax, etc, and lets the shooter know where to place the rifle barrel to hit the predetermined target.  Rumors place the price tag at over $15K (ouch), look for the product to be commercially available January 2013.

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