Lit Motors Two-Wheeled Electric Gyro Stabilized Vehicle

Posted on Dec 17 2012 - 6:59am by Russ

Lit Motors C-1

At first glance the C-1, by Lit Motors, could be skipped over as just another electric vehicle.  In this case an electric motorcycle, sort of.  Don't let the C-1 fly by your radar, read on for details of this clever two-wheeler.

Lit Motors C-1 Top View

The Lit Motors C-1 starts off with two wheels and then adds two huge gyros.  Gyros?  Yes there are two powerful gyros sitting low in the vehicle which make it virtually untippable.   This also means that just about anyone can hop in the C-1 and drive it without knowing how to ride a motorcycle.  Currently you will need a motorcycle license to drive/ride the C-1, but the folks at Lit Motors are working on that.

Lit Motors C-1 Gyro

Some reasons the C-1 shouldn't be ignored besides the cool factor are the range (200 miles) and price (initially $24,000, expected to decrease to $12,500 as it scales).  Both of these issues are the main reasons the EV movement is moving forward slowly.  I expect both issues to be addressed by most EV manufactures as battery technology and prices improve.

Lit Motors C-1 Interior

Some advantages to the Lit Motors approach include, legal lane splitting, access to the carpool lane, smaller to park, and safer than a typical motorcycle.

The extended range of the C-1 is also assisted by a KERS regenerative braking system, which uses flywheels to store energy kinetically. These flywheels are also part of the gyroscopic stabilization system keeping the vehicle upright in all situations "“ even a collision "“ while allowing the control system to dictate the tilt and lean of the vehicle at all times. In other words, as the gyros spin, downforce is created to keep the vehicle stable and level. It's a bit peculiar to see a two-wheeler not topple over without the assistance of a kickstand or human power.



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