Swingshot HD Golf Swing Camera

Posted on Apr 11 2013 - 8:33am by Gadget King


Few people ever get to see their golf swing on video.  If, and when, they ever do get to see their swing on video most people realize it looks different in reality than they imagined.  Seeing video of yourself in action is a great way to improve your swing.  This Swingshot Cyclops Pro HD camera works with golf, baseball, softball, football, etc,  More details, pictures, and video of the Swingshot Golf Swing Camera after the break,

The Swingshot has four recording modes from 720p/60fps to 1080p/30fps.  In addition the Swingshot camera is club-length and fits in your golf bag.  This length also helps to elevate the camera to the perfect position for action shots.  The camera has a simple one button operation.


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