Volkswagen XL1 Gets 262 MPG!

Posted on Jul 10 2013 - 4:02am by Russ

Volkswagen XL1

The Volkswagen XL1 is what happens when you take a hybrid car and strip everything that isn't essential.  The VW XL1 weighs just 1,753 lbs.  VW's engineers weren't focused on performance or handling with the XL1.  In fact, they weren't focused on much but getting the best MPG they could.  In fact some odd items missing from this car, to shave weight, include a stereo system, a rear window, side mirrors, a bunch of power (47 hp), and a large gas tank (just 2.6-gallons).  You get the idea.

The car is much smaller and shorter than it looks in pictures.  It has a drag coefficient of 0.189 which

is incredibly low!  The weight savings, low drag, hybrid technology, slim wheels, etc, help the VW XL-1 get 262 mpg.


All of this weigh saving comes at a price.  Not having a rear window takes some getting used to.  Riding on bicycle sized tires means you will feel most bumps.  No backseat means just two passengers and not much luggage room.  No power steering as it adds 10 kilograms.  The windows roll up and down with hand cranks.  Having all

The VW XL-1 has a two-cylinder diesel engine, a 27-hp electric battery, and charges in an hour and a half.  Top speed is 94-mph and the 2.6-gallon gas tank will take you about 310 miles.  You can't get the full range because the car doesn't run at max efficiency all of the time.

Volkswagen highest MPG XL1


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