Officer Montowski and Officer Potter… Out Of Line Homeland Security CBP Employees

Posted on Sep 21 2013 - 11:46pm by Gadget King

Officer Potter and Officer Montowski CBP
So, after having a great time in Canada we headed back to Spokane Washington to drop off little Russ at the airport. He couldn’t take anymore of our antics. On the way back he spotted a skate park about 2 minutes from the US/Canada border… of course he had to try it out. That was the end of the fun…. for a while.

Upon entering the US/Canada border we were immediately sent to “secondary screening” by officer Martinez (who happened to be a friendly guy). The friendliness ended with officer Martinez. We then met asshole Montowski and asshole Potter (see attached photo). They apparently hadn’t read the CBP Pledge to Travelers ( and locked us in a room while they defiled our car and belongings without any explanation. After more than two hours of random questions and zero explanations I had enough and asked for a supervisor (asshole Egbert or Eghart, can’t remember her name). Honestly, I could write a few very long paragraphs about how rude and condescending officer Montowski, Potter, and Egbert (sp?) were… They asked how much money Steve made per year (in front of everyone), why we had so many $2 dollar bills, why we had (kids) night vision goggles, and why I had a “drone” helicopter. They were clearly reaching and super lame.

The supervisor was equally depressed with her life and placated me with a smug attitude that only made me angrier.

Long story short they didn’t find anything and let us go… after Little Russ missed his flight.

Things get better from here… updates to come.

Little Russ Skate Park

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  1. Andy September 23, 2013 at 10:06 am -

    I wish T-Mobile had better service up in the Northwest for our GPS tracker… Although I don’t know if it would have helped your cause to give them a link to Zemango and let them see where you’ve been – that might have just cranked up the smug-o-meter. But it would have been funny to show the government that you’ve been tracking yourselves for them.

  2. Ron Ablang September 28, 2013 at 4:24 pm -

    That’s terrible. Sorry to hear that. how did you snap the picture of them (or how did you do it discreetly?)

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