Dropped Off Little Russ And Pointed The Car Towards Wyoming

Posted on Sep 23 2013 - 9:21am by Steve M
Glacier Park View
Little Russ you will be missed. Left you in Spokane but there will always be an extra seat in the wagon if you decide to meet up later down the road.

Drove a lot after Spokane. Hit up the Glacier National Park in Montana. Loading some pictures but they don’t do the area justice. Crazy views and the “road to the sun” is a must see if you are ever in the area. We did meet some cows and mooed through the PA. Couldn’t figure out if they liked that or were about to charge. Should have filmed. Will film next time we hang out with some cows.

After Montana we headed to Cody, WY. Had lunch with Russ’s cuz Angela and got a cabin for the night. Yeah, it had bunk beds.

Saw a tiny cowboy at the market and he made me want my first pair of cowboy boots sooo, we went shopping.  Pictures after the break.Glacier Park Glacier Park Water Fall Glacier Park Lake  Cody Cabin Cody Cabin Inside Cody Cabin Inside 2 Boot Shopping Cabin Porch Cody Wyoming

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