Arizona & Nevada

Posted on Nov 26 2013 - 11:39am by Steve M
Ghost Towns
So, we left Austin and headed west. There is a lot of desert between Texas and Arizona. To break up the drive a little we pulled over and explored the many abandoned buildings off the freeway.  It's crazy how many failed businesses and towns there are along that stretch of the US.  Read on for the home stretch,


Ghost Town Restaurant

We also did a little Geocaching.  Most people don’t know what that is. It's kind of dorky, but fun.  People hide containers all over the world with GPS coordinates and clues on how to find it.  When you find the container you can leave random stuff in it (I left coffee creamer, sugar, mixer packet from a hotel) and you sign the log sheet.  Posted some of the caches we found.

Geocaching 1

Geocaching 2
We made it to Tucson AZ.  Didn’t expect much but landed right next to UOA.  Stumbled upon a dive bar called The Buffet.  Oh this place is special.  Dirty, stinky, and they have beer-boiled hotdogs, cheap drinks, etc… my kind of watering hole.  We did what everyone should do at a dive bar in Arizona.  We got a free round after winning a game of shuffle board.  Took a picture behind the bar after getting friendly with the staff, and we arm wrestled a drunk dude.  Obviously Russ won but surprisingly enough, so did I.  Whoo hoo!  I threw a picture of the challenger up for your viewing pleasure.

The Buffet Bar Tucson
The Buffet Bar Tucson 2
Well you know what happened the next morning.  Queen Victoria Johnson got a face lift. Well her face was ripped clear off.  After the accident we headed to Russ’s parents house in Sierra Vista.  We were treated to a home cooked meal, cruised around in a golf cart, and just enjoyed some much needed relaxation.  Oh and some phone time with the insurance company.
Off to Vegas.  We were able to grab some dinner with our old friend Ali and his wife.  He is still Mr. Vegas after all these years.  Can’t complain about free wine and entree’s complements of the chef.  We then met up with Sigma Nu fraternity brothers Ryan and Adrian as well as Robby and his wife Desiree.  Played a little black jack, but for the most part found a nice spot on the strip that had food/drinks and enjoyed the people watching.  Oh, and we got Ryan up on a mechanical bull.

Vegas with friends 1

Vegas with friends 2

At this point we are a little over 14,000 miles in so its time to head home.
Its been a crazy fun trip.  Once in a lifetime.  Bucket list check mark added!

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