BikeConsole Power Plus Review

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 11:32am by Adam E
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BikeConsole Power Plus Galaxy S4 Review

I was happy to give the BikeConsole Power Plus a try, especially since there is a version for the Samsung Galaxy S4.  After ripping through the packaging I charged up the 2800mah Li-ion battery pack and mounted the holder to my bicycle.  The mount is one of the best mounts I’ve seen for handle bars and is easy to install.  The kit comes with an Allen hex wrench for installation and when the BikeConsole Power Plus is mounted, it will not move.  Read on for the full Bike Console Power Plus Review after the break.


BikeConsole Power Plus Mount

The phone fits really nice in the case.  The BikeConsole Power Plus case has a clear plastic cover over the phone in which the touch controls work perfect.  The cover does take away from the clarity a bit, but worth it since it keeps water (IPX4 waterproof) and other elements out.  The built-in power pack has a micro USB out for other gadgets and also comes with a Micro to female USB adapter.  The case has a cut out for the camera feature on your phone so you can take videos and pictures while riding.  The only thing I would have liked to have is a side volume control button for when I am listening to music.  Currently you have to use the touch screen.

Bike2Power makes the BikeConsole Power Plus for many phone makes and the price is quite fair at just $79 here.

Waterproof bike smartphone mount

o  Designed to fit Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500)
o  IPX4 Waterproof submersible
o  Drop tests from 2 meters on hard concrete floor at multiple angles
o  Touch screen operable with sensitivity over 90%
o  Strong case and mounting bracket made of engineering plastics
o  2 Double-hinged latches lock phone in with extra security
o  Pocket-friendly flat back design
o  With integrated kick-stand
o  New reinforced universal mounting bracket with Quick Release can fit bars/stems of ø20-45mm
o  New safety lock design prevents case from falling out of bracket even under toughest road conditions and impacts
o  360 degrees rotation with reinforced rotation mechanism
o  Home and sleep/wake buttons operable
o  Cameras ready
o  Headphone accessible
o  Charging through Power Plus Pack or Power Plus Lite Pack with integrated micro USB connector (optional)
o  Total weight 197g (phone excluded)
o  Package includes:
-  Cradle with form-fitting silicone lining
-  New universal mounting bracket
-  Allen key for fixing bracket on bar
-  Additional rubber pad for increasing bracket grip

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