Corvus T6200 Energy Storage Module… AKA Kick Ass Battery

Posted on Nov 19 2010 - 9:49am by Russ

Corvus Battery

I don't know about you, but I want off of the power grid.  Would be nice to have total control of my own power and not have to worry about the cost or coal pollution.  Some day I plan on powering my house from 80% solar and 20% wind.  With that said, it is nice to see products like the Corvus battery (T6200 energy storage module, $1,300/kWh) coming to market.

The CORVUS AT6200 series battery modules offer exceptional performance for use to replace traditional power systems in heavy industrial applications or renewable energy production. Each module has the ability to be combined to form a custom sized pack to meet your power needs – from 6.2 kWh to multi-megawatt sized applications.
The modules can be configured in any number of ways to build the size of battery pack required. The CanBus communication port located on the AT6200 module provides the ability to do this. Each Installation is supported with a system controller to provide the management control to coordinate all the modules in a pack.

Advantages of Corvus Energy

  • Safety "“ inherent safe cell chemistry combined with a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Reliability "“ over 3000 full cycles, up to 20 year working life

  • Wide Temperature Range, – 20°C to +60°C

  • Rapid Charge/Discharge Rates "“ 2C charge rate maximum and 10C discharge rate maximum

  • Scalable "“ energy storage of 6.2kWh to UNLIMITED storage potential

  • Green Power "“ CORVUS batteries are completely sealed and 100% recyclable

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