Goal Zero Extreme Adventure Kit Review

Posted on Mar 7 2011 - 5:52am by Russ

Goal Zero Extreme Adventure Kit

When it comes to portable solar power for outdoor adventure or disaster preparedness, Goal Zero has some very innovative and high quality products.  We recently got our hands on the Goal Zero Extreme Adventure Kit (includes; Boulder 30 Solar Panel, Extreme 350 Power Pack, and Extreme Universal Inverter)  and would like to tell you what we thought.  Read on for the Goal Zero product review.

What's in the box?

– Boulder 30 Solar Panel
– Extreme 350 Power Pack
– Extreme Universal Inverter (UI)

Boulder 30 Solar Panel

Extreme Boulder 30M Solar Panel

The Boulder 30 Solar Panel is a 30 watt mono-crystalline solar panel that weighs just 6-lbs.  The unit is light but feels very strong and well made.  The panel is 21 x 18 x 1 inches and has an open circuit voltage of 18V.  The solar panel charges the Extreme 350 Power Pack in about 12 hours.  If that isn't fast enough for you, you can add additional panels and daisy chain them together for more power.  It would have been nice if the panel included a flip-out stand, but a stick or rock does the trick.

Extreme 350 Power Pack (Ranger 350)

Extreme Ranger 350

The Extreme 350 Power Pack or Ranger 350 battery pack is pretty cool.  It feels about the size of a car battery and has a rubberized handle on top.  The bottom of the battery has four rubber feet which keep the unit from sliding around on slick surfaces.  On top of the battery there is the handle, a fuse box, and an LCD battery indicator.  One side of the Ranger 350 has the power input port and both sides have a DC 12V output port and mounting holes for the Extreme Universal Inverter.  The inverter mounts neatly on the side of the battery pack.  The 350 Power Pack feels sturdy, solid, and well built.

The part number reflects the 350-watt hours of power with a full 500-1000 life cycles.  The power pack can be charged with the included AC wall charger, car cigarette lighter, or solar panel.  The inside of the Ranger 350 has a charge controller and temperature controller to protect the battery.  Is 350 watt hours not enough?  You can daisy chain up to four Ranger power packs together for 1400 watt hours.  We ran a 24-inch LCD monitor off of the Ranger 350 for over 8 hours and it still had more juice to spare!

Extreme Universal Inverter (UI)

Extreme Ranger UI Universal Inverter

The UI clips on to the side of the Ranger 350 battery after a bit of work.  The mounting system could be better, but once it is clipped on it tends to stay in place.  When the UI is mounted to the battery it looks like it belongs there, the level of integration is very well thought out.

One side of the Ranger UI has the on/off switch, a 110v/220v indicator, and a universal power plug for US or European plugs (up to 400W).  The other side of the Ranger UI has a 12v cigarette lighter output, a DV 5v USB port, and a Goal Zero style 12v output plug.

Goal Zero Extreme Adventure Kit Summary

The all important question, would I buy this Goal Zero product again?  Yep.  The system is well designed and makes remote camping trips and survival preparedness super easy for the end user.  I live in California, earthquake country, and recommend that all of my friends and family have something similar for when the power goes out.  Goal Zero has several types and sizes of power packs, solar panels etc, Check them out now.  Trust me, you won't be able to buy this shortly after a disaster.


Goal Zero Adventure Kit Contents

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    Goal Zero Extreme Adventure Kit Review
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  2. TexasMartin June 10, 2011 at 6:21 am -

    I just bought the Sherpa adventure kit through Amazon and am super excited to start using it, I plan to charge my Goal 0 battery pack and use it to run my laptop, recharge cell phones etc when out on the road.

    Thanks for the great review, hopefully one day I can afford the Extreme Adventure Kit too :0)

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