Toyota Polar Expedition Truck For Sale

Posted on Feb 27 2014 - 1:29pm by drakaal


This is what happens when Jason De Carteret, adventurist, wants to break some Guinness records.  This beast, the Toyota Polar Expedition Truck, started off as a 2010 Toyota Tacoma and was converted into a cold weather killer for around $400,000.  The Polar Expedition Truck set a land speed records crossing the South Pole and Antarctic ice cap. 

This NATO green one-off truck looks like it belongs in the Halo video game and can be yours on eBay for the next 7 days here.


The powerplant is a standard 4L V6, gasoline engine which was then supercharged by TRD (Toyota Racing Development). The engine now produces 341 bhp.   The transmission was specially calibrated to allow for the extra hp and torque, as well as the high, low and standard gears added.  The suspension and undercarriage are simply incredible to behold: built by Marconi, a world-renowned specialist, it features custom prop shafts and separate locking front and rear air differentials.
The body is all steel, ranging from 9-12mm (military strength) thickness.  Each panel is custom fabricated and hand-welded.
The dashboard, doors, windows are standard Toyota Tacoma.  Polar has four racing seats (the rears capable of accepting child seats)  and harnesses. The cabin is fully insulated, lined with steel for extreme protection, and has a full rollcage.  It is fitted with 4 HD camera’s, 3 inside the cab and one outside and two GPS devices – one is a large mapping unit which functions as a secondary speedometer, the other unit is a normal Satnav that links via Bluetooth to the engine management system.  The navigation menus still contain the routing through Iceland (testing ground) and for the South Pole run!

Polar runs on any type of unleaded gasoline, held in a series of seven separate internal tanks with a total capacity of ~330 gallons.  Its range is more than 6,000 miles!  It can even be fuelled directly from a barrel.
Its power system consists of  two heavy amperage standard batteries, with a parallel solar panel (roof mounted) system, that is engaged from the cockpit.  There is also a Webasto engine heater.

Polar’s custom made three piece wheels are shod with 44″ Dick Cepek tires.  Air compression is provided onboard from either the front or rear grilles and integrated hoses.
A 9 ton winch plugs into either grille in seconds.

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