Commute-Case By Green Energy Motors

Posted on Mar 26 2014 - 10:57am by Russ


I have always been a fan of electric scooters and skateboards.  I really like the instant torque and almost silent ride.  Looks like I might have to add another electric scooter to the mix, the Commute-Case.

The Commute-Case, by Green Energy Motors, is a tiny transformer that goes from briefcase, to trolley, to electric scooter.  Get the better parking spots a few miles from the office and ride your Commute-Case for the last leg.  They plan to price the Commute-Case at $5,990, but if you preorder now your price is just $2,995. Video and more details after the break.

Commute-Case  (U.S. Patent Pending) is an incredibly unique, dual function, battery powered, self-propelled briefcase / commuter vehicle, you can actually ride! It is used as a single person mover; an “IN-BETWEEN URBAN DAILY TRANSPORT” to get you quickly from your daily commuter train, bus, subway, or auto to any downtown location, be it your office, shopping, or any appointment destination, on time! Commute-Case â„¢ is the perfect solution and alternative to traveling by auto, cab, city bus, or personal automobile, through highly congested, traffic jammed downtown areas, where finding parking for your automobile, having to walk long distances, or just navigating it all to make your daily appointments and stay on schedule have become increasingly problematic for daily commuters.

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