Four-Wheel Drive Electric Skateboard… The BajaBoard

Posted on Apr 22 2014 - 11:04am by Russ

We have seen some pretty cool skateboards over the years… some that are 3D printed, some that have only one wheel, some that are totally re-imagined, some that fold-up, etc

This all-wheel-drive off-road board is the mountain bike of skateboards, called the BajaBoard.  It is currently looking for backers on KickStarter.  Read on for details, pictures, and video of the BajaBoard after the break.

For the last 3 years, some Australian dudes have been building  a multi-purpose powered skateboard, which sports over 10 kW (16 hp) of 4WD electric power, and adjustable independent suspension.  The board was inspired by a couple of guys who wanted to enjoy the feeling of snowboarding on similar terrain in the warmer months.  Along came the BajaBoard.
BajaBoard Suspension
My two favorite features on the BajaBoard are the massive independent double wishbone suspension that have four mountain bike style shock absorbers and the four separate motors (one for each wheel).  Awesome.  You also get front and rear steering, a removable Lithium battery, a 31 mph top speed, a 15 mile range, and regenerative braking.
BajaBoard Features
The amount of power this board has is hard to explain.  The best way to explain it is that the board can get from 0-t0-18mph in less than one second and can climb steep hills with a heavy 220 lb rider.  Price will be north of $3,600 and will ship in 2015.

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