LED PowerFlare Safety Light

Posted on May 5 2014 - 9:54am by Pete M


Not only are traditional flares dangerous to use and store, they can only be used once and then need to be purchased/replaced.  The LED technology has come so far that I think it is safe to say the "traditional" flares can be retired. 


The LED PowerFlare pucks come in a variety of colors and have a 10 year shelf life.  When the batteries get low, you can simply recharge them.  There are so many uses for the  PowerFlare PF-200, some ideas that come to mind are as a road flare, a dive safety light (yes they are waterproof), boating safety, construction sites, police, EMT's, rescue signaling, traffic control, tactical operations, helicopter landing zones, etc,

The PowerFlare is also rechargeable, has 16 bright LED's that do a bunch of lighting patterns, and made in the USA.  No more worry of deploying around spilled fuels or brush or releasing dangerous chemicals into our environment.  Grab yours here.  Video of the PowerFlare in action after the break.

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