Taco Bell’s New App Let’s You Customize Your Food And Skip The Line

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 9:20am by gchoe

Taco Bell Mobile Ordering App

Taco Bell has just launched a new app that makes it easy for your to order food on your own terms. You pick the items, customize the ingredients, pay for the food, and can even pickup the food in the drive-thru or in store by skipping the line. Genius.

This type of app can be done right or wrong. Taco Bell spent some serious time getting their mobile ordering app right. A cool feature is that Taco Bell won’t start making the food until you reach a Taco Bell location. When you arrive your phone will prompt you to start the order… once it is ready you bypass the normal line and go to the mobile pickup line. There are also some easter egg items built-in like a $1 Freeze. Now if they would only integrate with Apple Pay.

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