Beholder SP Handheld iPhone 3 Axis Gimbal Review

Posted on Mar 4 2015 - 10:08am by Gadget King
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Beholder SP Handheld Gimbal Review

Handheld gimbals are often used by professional videographers to get smooth video while moving with a video camera. The gimbal is designed to take the rough movements off of video shots where the cameraman is walking, running, or riding in a bumpy vehicle. The professional versions are often very expensive.

Until now there wasn’t any off-the-shelf options for folks wanting the same functionality for a smartphone, or specifically an iPhone in this case. Naturally I was excited to try this gadget out. Read on for the full Beholder SP Handheld Gimbal Review.

Beholder SP Handheld iPhone Gimbal

Behloder Handheld SP Gimbal Review Box

The packaging is good enough from a protecting the product standpoint. The handheld gimbal and charger are held safely in molded foam. There is no manual and there is plenty of Chenglish printed on the box like this, “Must have for every family the best footage could ever been made for your memory”.

Beholder SP Packaging Review

Getting the gimbal “balanced” with the a smartphone (tried this with iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and Nexus) takes some work. The motors on this handheld smartphone gimbal aren’t strong enough so things need to be near perfect for it to work. If you get the camera off balance at all the Beholder Handheld SP begins having convulsions. The motors freak out and just bounce around.

Don’t have any ideas of using this with anything extreme like running or skateboarding. It simply isn’t robust enough. The Beholder SP Handheld Gimbal is only good enough for walking around. Big let down and now lives in a drawer.

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